Bloom and Blossom Lactation. A boutique lactation consulting service.

We focus on helping mothers and their families care for their babies. We encourage breastfeeding, but understand it is not for everyone, helping breastfed, bottle fed, and formula fed babies alike.

Challenges that can be addressed

  • breastfeeding
  • pumping
  • Support and encouragement
  • infant oral assessments
  • flange sizing assessments
  • pain during or between feedings
  • milk supply issues
  • difficulties with latch
  • relactation
  • infant weight gain issues
  • return to work or school support
  • introducing a bottle
  • transitioning to breast
  • nipple shield use
  • introducing foods
  • weaning from breast or bottle to cups
  • weaning down nursing or pump schedule

Quality care from skilled professionals


Tabitha Bassett

Owner, RN, IBCLC

Bloom and Blossom is owned by Tabitha Bassett, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Tabitha has over a decade experience as a nursery nurse, including as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse. Tabitha is not just a IBCLC practitioner but has experienced the joys and challenges of breastfeeding. She has three lovely children, two breastfed and one unable to be breastfed and having spent time in a NICU due to medical issues. With Bloom and Blossom, you will not be alone.