Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Bloom and Blossom provides private, in-home, private telehealth, and group telehealth prenatal and postpartum classes. Classes may include one or more lessons based on mother’s needs.

Lessons include:

Benefits of Breastfeeding and What to Expect
In this lesson you will learn the lifelong benefits of breastfeeding for infant and mother. The lactation consultant will explain what to expect during the 4th trimester and beginning of your breastfeeding or pumping journey.

Basics of Breastfeeding
In this lesson you will learn basic anatomy of breastfeeding, infant’s natural feeding reflexes, positioning and latch on, and the onset of milk supply.

Beyond Basics
Sometimes, just knowing the basics is not enough. In this lesson you will learn how to modify positioning and latch on, deal with engorgement, combat clogged ducts and mastitis, and when to use alternative feeding methods.

Exclusive Pumping
In this lesson you will learn how to determine the right pump for you, determine the correct flange size, establish a pumping routine, and how to properly store and handle milk.

When difficulties arise
This lesson will teach you how to deal with flat or inverted nipples, oral ties, jaundice, supplementation, and NICU admissions.

Normal newborn care and behavior
In this lesson learn basic newborn care and expected newborn behavior and feeding patterns.

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